Monday, June 17, 2019

Beach Gardens Resort and Marina

Reminds us of La Cruz with rock breakwaters

Dolphin Tales in Powell River

June Cruising Trip

Dolphin Tales has just completed a three week cruising trip to Powell River and back to Maple Bay. The trip did have a couple of hiccups, with the first being a carburetor issue with the dingy motor in Nanaimo. But on the recommendation of the staff at the Nanaimo Yacht Club a mechanic was contacted and he was at the boat within the hour, removed carburetor, and returned it two days later fixed. He could not believe the motor would even run as the unit was plugged and the fuel pump was on it's last leg. Great service but very disappointed about the service work done by a previous company last summer.

The other not so big issue was needing to have the bottom cleaned and a bunch of crap removed from the prop. On the recommendation of a friend in Pender Harbour a diver was located on a Sunday and two divers arrived Monday, removed the crap, cleaned the bottom, changed the zincs, took some go pro shots and we picked up two knots of boat speed under power.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Missing Mexico

Needed a Mexican fix. Close but something was missing. All the music