Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stocking the trucks

We spent the night at Ken and Paulette's on the 23rd so we could be up at and out of the house at 6:30 to go and pick-up Ed and Linda's SUV. Little did we know that there was just room for one in the back and two in the front. There were so many toyes in the SUV we could not even see out the back or side windows.

We arrived at 7:00pm they had all ready loaded one truck and were starting on the next one

Here we are in the passing line we think they should have moved the truck closer but, then what would have all of us done that early in the morning

Our Friend Gwen is busy counting in English while the lady across is counting out loud in Spanish.

Next the fresh chickens are hauled out to the trucks

Even the protection service trucks join in and help to deliver

We are assigned to the 3rd group form the bottom. We have 200 chickens and 100 food bags to hand out

It's 7:15 and they are about half way done with passing out the food bags

Just about to the end and Gwen is still smiling

At 7:30 we have stocked all the trucks and now it is time gathere around in a big circle

We have been informed that there 2000 dinners to deliver, which is 628 more then last year. They are so thankful for all the help and ask us all to join hands and say the Lords Prayer. Then it was time to drive to the areas.

This group could have used one more truck or a larger one

One of our trucks chose to follow the big truck in hopes of being on TV later that day. Needless to say when we arrived to our area they were a little late. In fact we stayed out side the area for about 30 minutes waiting for them

we arrived at Shanty Town

We left old town with 4 trucks and arrived with three, so we waited outside this area before heading to the magic Tree We thought maybe this was where we were headed, but we were wrong this area is still to affluent

It would appear that the water truck made a stop here today

The above house is now closer to the area that we are to deliver the food to

The house below was in our area, it was made out of pallets that they had sanded right down, we are not sure if they got a chicken or not.

This house would be considered not well off.
When are Friend Gwen got involved with the Chicken dinner program. There instructions where to only give chickens and beans to house that looked like they neede it. Like she said she felt they all needed help. They now have a social worker that lives in each area and helps decide who need the help more then the other. It is still all very sad

They now go out and give them tickets for the food, with out a ticket they can not recieve a chicken or bag which holds bean, rice, crackers, can of corn and cookies.

They had al been told to wait by the big tree in the area that we would arrive at 10:00am. This being Mexico we were on time but most others were not.

But that was ok . Once they got thier food they were just so pleased and grateful

We do not know what happened to this man but, his wife and chilren were very happy with the gifts

Other Friends of ours had purchased toys that needed to be handed out we tryed to play a a game with the children before hand but they were just to excited to focus

To try and keep track of who had recieved a toy we decided to mark the childrens hands with a marker

The children tryed to line up but it was really hard on the younger ones, the older ones waited till the end before they came up which was nice.

Some of the boys discovered that if the scrubbed really hard the marker would come off and they could get in line agian . Which would have been fine except we were a little short on Boy toys

But no matter what the smile on their faces was worth the early morning. They all like to have thier pictures taken and to show off thier new toys`

Mom and son heading back home

This gentleman showed up with all three kids on the bike and his ticket for his chicken dinner rolled up in a old magazine so he would not loose it.

We are getting gto the end of the toyes and it looks like we have a few more boys to find toyes for

Grampa has is hands full with the grandson and Mr Felton (the Politician) is telling him that things will get better this coming year.

People are waving good bye and thanking us over and over for the good deed. Do we have the warm fuzzy feeling going on Yes

This one was through the car window the girls were showing us their new dolls and their Moms were waving and blowing kisses

But most of all the smiles like this were all worth it

Happy New year, peace on earth and goodwill to all

December saw us busy with Old and new friends arriving at the Marina, trips down tot he old town to see what was going on. Listening to a beatles concert in one of the squares and numerous dinners out. We watched the Salvation Army Kids dance and sing over the month. The first performance they were a little rough, but by the last one at Mar Rosa the Trailer park they were looking a little smoother. To insure we were in the xmas spirit Paulette had offered our services for Dec 24 at 6:00am

Mid nov 2010

Once we were back from the Cooper Canyon we got right into the swing of Baseball, we seemed to be a the Venados Baseball field 3 times a week if not more. This year the people in the stands were more entertaining then the team. We had many games where the score was very low as the Venados kept hitting fly balls instead of keeping them low which would have helped them get on base. In the end they made it to the seim finals only to loose out in the 1st four games.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The town of Creel is very colorful and most curbs are very high which leads us to think they get a lot of rain here. New Church

These two churchs were on the same block this looked like the old church

Lynn thought he and Ken (his brother) should look into opening a restaurant like this

This train station had a little more inforamtion out then the one in El Fuerte

We would think that at one time you purchased your tickets here rather then on the train

How much was the train one way

last leg before the hotel in Creel

Well we made it back to Creel we told Noel that we wanted a nice hotel not like what we had the first time here.
The outside does not look like much

But wait till you see the inside

We went through a ton of wood and the 2 bedrooms had propane heaters in each.

Pots, pans, dishes soap, everything you could need except a sharp knife, we borrowed one from the next unit.

We all felt that we were in a Swizz Chalet , what a treat after the drive back up here

We are getting closer to Creel the raod is now paved

We found this lady on the side of the road and we still had some material to get rid of plus the school supplies that Noel was going to drop off for us

They do not believe in leaving the logs to long, at first we thought this was only once in a while,but no this is how they log them

Well we are on pavement but the road is still full of lots of curves and tight turns

Pavement to waterfall

Well we are just about to the top and will be starting to head down to Creel These ladies and girls were waiting in the shadows at that waterfall for tourists to come and buy there wares

We were all impressed with the water fall

When Noel told us to walk across the dry river bed we all thought the waterfall would not be much

To get to the waterfall we had to drive on a very bumpy road and through one very large puddle

Log house just like we used to have

To the water fall park

The road is smooth

This is one of the richest Tarahumara bands they have all the old paintings from all the old mission on their land.The day we arrived they were washing blankets and hanging them out to dry

This is the church and museum with all the paintigs no pictures were allowed, but some of the painting were very old

The road into the mission