Monday, April 3, 2017

Farm land in a valley

Another Road trip

Ranchers here survive in some harshest places

Playa Tecolote. English owl beach

How Many Mexicans does it take to get the panga out at low tide for tourist

Humming bird

I just want to feed my baby, but all you people with cameras won't leave us alone

Trip to Isla Espiritu Santos

We poked are way in and out of numerous bays till we were one anchorage away from Caleta Partida. We had a very quiet night with a beautiful full moon. We might have anchored out just a little far

Debbie's day out

Yes I did jump in the water with this baby,

Lost a buddy in Todos Santos

Poor Tom, we missed place him in Todos Santos. We did look but not hard enough, he got so lonely waiting for the rest of us, to show up he made a new friend.

More hotel cal

Trip to Todos Santos

Had lunch here and drinks here

Ensenada de Los Muertos

We didn't go and check out the resort at the west end of the bay when we were here in 2008. So we did a road trip with Debbie's five men that left Mazatlan on different sail boats. We all rented a car , Angus was the driver, Russ was the navigator, Garry was the restaurant guy, Tom and Lynn were the herders.

The Train collection this resort has is awesome, we understand the resort is owned by some American football player.

How much longer

Well it's about 8:30pm on the 27th of February, we have done one over nighter, and have about another hour and a half to our way-point at Playa La Bonanza. We will have done one over night plus about two hours of darkness. No more extra radar eyes needed for a while. We can see the area it's just taking for ever to each it.

What's in the water

It's turtles, we saw so many we lost count

What's that in the water

We left Mazatlan on February 26 to head over to La Paz. About 1:00pm we wondered what is that in the water