Monday, March 28, 2011

We belong to a group called Friends of Mexico the supply school supplies to numerous schools through out Mazatlan and Mexico. For $250.00 Canadian you can suppy a scholarship for a student who is heading into grades 7 and up. The group meets once a month and has speakers or groups come in and give us information about Mexico. The last meeting we had a group of Fire Dancers appear, they were promoting their Town of El Quelite

Carnaval Extras

I was invited to the crowning of the Flower Queen by friends off of the SV Taya. Here we enjoyed songs from the Beatles played by the Sinalo Symphony Orchestra.

I was surprised to see the same statues in the parade as we saw in the show.
Paulette Myself and Rosie went to watch the children's costume Ball. It was to start at 10:00am but things did not get rolling till a little after 11:00. We figured there had to be over 200 kids at the function and seating was hard to come by.This little lady threw out candy, she was the winner in her age group. It was really more of showing off your dancing skills then a costume ball


Carnaval in Mazatlan has been an annual party for about 200 years, It's loud, bright, colourful and sometimes a little gaudy. But most of all everyone you talk to has fun. We saw numerous people dressed up on the street for Carnaval some in full costumes with faces covered others with just a face mask People waiting for the parade to start

A group of us purchased tickets for lunch and grandstand seating. Just in front of our seats was an area that some of the higher officials would be so we were well protected as the police stood right in front and below where we were going to be sitting.

The theme this year was the return of Greek mythology

Most floats were followed by groups of dancers

After having seen the parade from the street and now up high Lynn and I both think being down on the street was better.

The parade started at 6:30 and ended around 10:30 the whole parade had past by us by 8:30.

The street below looked very similar to the street on Sat. when we went and watched the fire-works. We did not get home from fireworks till close to 1:30 am.

Once agian we had a great time at Carnaval

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Basillica Guadalupe

They say the virgin of Guadalupe is the christianized version of the Aztec goddess Tonantzin and that the basilica is built over a pyramid dedicated to her. Another church area up on the hillside This is where the Vision of Guadalupe was first seen by Juan Diego. We did not have time to walk up and see it. This church is used for baptisms and 1st communions In 2002 Pope John Paul II visited the area.

The inside of the new church
The new church we have been told that it contains BC Timber
Old and new side by side
Someone who made the last of the journey on his knees
The orginal church has moved about 6ft it has a nice tilt on it.
Thousands of pilgrims daily parade up to the church. Some travel the last meters to the shrine on their knees.
The drive to the church was marked with numerous floats, and people making their way to the church.

We were told that it is a constant parade of people and floats down this road daily and that people put their lives on hold while they make the pilgrimage.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The town of Taxco is know through out Mexico for its pervious silver mines. This church was built in 5 years with the money coming from a rich mine owner. The town is built into the hillside with numerous one way streets. We only had a few hours to explore.It is very pretty and spread out.Would be a good place to spend a few days.
Lots of shops selling silver jewelry, dishes but this one specialized in larger items and stautes of animals
The price of beer dictated were we had lunch. Most places wanted 2.00 we found this place for 1.50 plus it had a nice veiw and Lynn was able to buy himself a ring.
The church door no money is being spent on it
Heading back down to catch the bus back to Mexcio city, the cobblestone road is only wide enough for one car and not alot of foot traffic
Every plaza we have been in has been selling these bright pull toys, I've been tempted to purchase some but can't figure out how I would get them home and if they would be safe for the little ones.

the caves

Up and on the bus by 7:00am we were on another road trip, we were surprised to see nets covering the hill side to stop the sluffing same as we do at home. 30 kms NE of Taxco we took a side trip to the Cacahuamilpa Caves
It's a short walk up and down the valley before reaching the entrance to the caves
Hmm that looks pretty deep
As we desend lights come on along the path making the people below look like ants
The stalacitites, stalagmites are something to see
To realize the depths they have placed colourd lights behind some of them.
Many of the rock formations have been named for the resemblance that they form.
There were also numerous holes were the light shone through to show a shadow of something or someone. This one is named after the Christ Child.

Museum of anthropology

This Museum is so large that the three hours we were given to explore it were just not enough. Lynn and I purchased the talking video to walk around with . We maybe saw 6 of the 20 rooms. Here is the Aztec Calender.
A duplication of one of the grave sites
This temple is found farther south
Looks like heads from Easter Island
Indiana Jones here we come