Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day of the dead part of a display at EL CID

Houses decorated for Halloween

To Hot to cook inside plus the corn did not taste like Taber Corn

El Cid Lobby and Marina Staff ball Game. Our Friend Poncho pitching he is pretty good

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Have We Been Up To

Since arriving back in Mazatlan we have been to a few Venados Baseball games, also a ball game with the El Cid employees from the Marina (they play in a commercial league). We took about 70 picture and had them printed for them. It made us a big hit with the players.

At the end of October we took part in the Day of the Dead activities which included following 3 beer carts ( were they were giving out free draft beer)pulled by donkeys around the old town. Included in the parade were fire works and lots of people in costumes.

Two weeks ago we took the overnight bus (12 hours) to Guaymas and met up with our friends on a boat called the Murray Gray and sailed 200 miles down the coast to Topolobambo, got on a bus and then a train and toured the Copper Canyon for a week. The trip also included a 60 km (one way)ride on a very rough 4 wheel drive road that was made from a donkey trail. Big drop off the edge and saw a few vehicles that had gone over and were still there. We then returned to Topolobambo and sailed another 200 miles to Mazatlan.

Today was a large Parade celebrating the 200 Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Lots of school bands and loud music.

More info to come as soon as Debbie has some computer time, but from what you can see we may need to go back to Victoria for a rest.