Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bottom cleaning

Where can you get your boat bottom cleaned
by two divers for only $ 40.00 in Canada?

P.S. that also includes changing two zincs.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Lynn really wants a classic car

But this one is a little small for him


We will need to stop and ask the following question, the next time we see
One of these beer dispensers

How does the beer stay cold?

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Here is a picture of the class that Debbie is helping Maureen teach English to. The students are in grade two .

Supper time

Friends took us out for supper one night it was tacos on the sidewalk cost for the two of us 50.00 pesos.

Al Jolsen

Even the jazz festival got a statue



What color


These large statues are made with a metal frame of rebar and then covered with heavy duty shrink wrap according to Lynn.


Driving or walking on the Malacon during carnival you will find numerous statues this years. The theme was magic lantern, which means movie projector. The statues were of movie stars most had some ties to Mexico.


We watched this heron for just about 30 minutes with the fish it caught


Can I get it down


Down it goes, wonder how much water I will need to drink for it to go all the way down


A new use for scratched CDs.


We are so glad we do not have clean up the paper confetti that is used durning carnival


Once again we are enjoying the days before the parade with free entertainment downtown

El CID welcoming

Some days the pelicans think they have right away on the dock


What do we for fun who is Lynn taping is it someone famous. No just the old gal ride in a side car.

Salvation Army kids

This season the El CID has become a supporter of the orphanage home ran by the Salvation Army. The kids have performed every Tuesday eve. plus El CID also put on a benefit breakfast to help raise funds . The home has 30 kids plus it also supplies meals to many of the children in the colonia. It was really great to see how the kids improved in there dancing and singing from Christmas time to present.


Bare back riding

The show was very entertaining. Some of our land friends were there, they said these were not the same performers as in previous years. We all thought the show was very funny.

Steer wrestling



Mexician bull ring

We had arrived a little early for the show, in fact that whole side never did fill up.