Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fuller brush man Friends of Mexico.

Every Year the Salvation Army Orphanage brings kids into town so they can dance and sing this helps raise money for the kids over the year.  This year on December 27th late in the evening, they were robbed of a good portion of the donations that they had raised.  We guess even the bad guys do not think that children should have food and clothing for the year. How very sad.

We were off to Office Depot and Home Depot and here was the fuller brush man selling his wares on the street (no Swiffers here).

Dolphin Tales leave the Dock and Christmas

This is slip B20 and Dolphin Tales has left the dock.
The Nutcracker

December 12th the Feast of Guadeloupe

Poncho Villa

Marathon and Villa Union

According to the locals, this restaurant in Villa Union is the place to go to eat fish.

Dave did not leave much on his plate.

The Mazatlan Marathon.

more boat projects

Installing our new port covers.
Getting new hatch screens made.

Late Nov to the aquarium, visitors

A night at the Aquarium. Swimming with the sharks and newly hatched turtles.
A visit with the local polica. They were very interested in how we felt about the safety of Mazatlan.

The green visitor to our dingy.

Nov boat bottom fishing derby

Dolphin Tales gets a new bottom job. We started having issues with the paint coming off, so had all the paint stripped off and an new epoxy barrier coat applied. It seems like the when the boat was commissioned they may have not put the first coat of paint on it time as it was not stuck to the epoxy.

The El Cid had a one day dorado shot out with the first prize a brand new Ford Ranger truck. And if you can believe it a fish weighing just 26 lbs was the catch of the day.

The sword fish was not part of the derby.