Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Went for breakfast the other day and here was a mother hummingbird sitting in her nest
We thought this was just so special, something neither of us had seen before.

Moving people and things

Inside a very loud musical taxi. Chuck the doll is advertising some beer and bad stuff
Took Lynn to point this out to me

Moving people

More of Lynn's girls sticking out of cars

Moving things

How to move a special beer

Moving people

What dose Lynn like about this season


The other side someone did a lot of work to paint up this tuba.
Not sure if he played any better with this fancy paint job.


So colourful wait till you see the other side

Music on the beach

Taking a beer break

Easter week

Are you going to tell him he can't have any more beer

Easter weekend


Dancer and fire


It's amazing the amount of noise these seed bells can make

Earth day

We had missed the celebration of the 1st day of spring, but El CID once again put on
A show. The dancers lite small fires and held them up and danced around them has they chanted and danced around the area.