Monday, November 16, 2009

San Blas

Arrived here in Manatchen Bay after leaving Mazatlan on Sat Nov 14. Stopped to visit Isla Isabela along the way. We are travelling with another boat called Murrey Grey. They have been here before so we came in the dark. Will here a few days and then move on. Most of the trips from here on will be short day hops.

Friday, November 6, 2009

We went to Ken and Paulette's for Halloween they had about 150 kids and some adults show up at the door looking for treats. We are not sure but we think going door to door for treats is a new thing here in Mexico. This is the time of the year that they honor their dear and departed by going to the cemetaries and leaving items that they feel thier loved ones would like to have in the here after. Some just leave flowers, others leave clothes, foot wear,musical items, foodand tools. We have heard that some people really believe that thier loved ones recieved the items as they do disappear. We do not know if workers at the cemetaries pick the stuff up or if the really poor just go in and take it. But everything that could br used is gone in a few days. Here are some photos of the kids and adults that came by for candy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now for the long awaited pictures: The day before the storm the staff at El Cid was out in full force preparing for the storm. Looking at the pictures below you would think they where taken the day after the storm pasted over us. No, this was all done in preparation of the storm.

Off and on all day before Tropical Rick arrived the skys kept opening and drowning us in water, so staff was always sweeping water away.
The following pictures are after the storm with a few before to show the difference in the water and wind. We are very thankful that the El Cid bldings are so tall as they protected us from the brunt of the wind and swells.

as you can see not much stuff on the ground

Only damage around pool area because of the great clean up before

Looking across the channel the day before the storm hit it was pretty calm

This is at 8:00am the day of the storm just as the eye is getting ready to pass over us. The waves and swells have increased and the amount of salt water mist in the air is increasing. In fact the waves were entering the Condo bldings on the other side of the break water. We heard from other people that the bldings seem to be alive with movement from the wind..

Because of the storm hitting at close to high water time there were quite a few buildings on the beach that had water running through their main floors. The Condo's you are seeing lost some windows, trees and had some water damage, but not much. Most of the damamge seemed to be on the south side of Mazatlan in an area called Stone Island which is south of the old harbour. Here they lost quite a few family businessand homes. All over the city trees came down as the do not have a very deep root system and schools had been closed for the day of the storm with a few having to remain closed because of damage for the rest of the week.

This tree and quite a few others which are at the back of El Cid between another hotel that has been closed came down in the storm. El Cid lost about 4 windows while the hotel behind us and the bowling alley across the street lost numerous windows. But all in all it was all very minor here in Mazatlan proper. If you were one of the locals the lived in the southern eastern outlaying areas they got hit harder. With roofs coming off and water being contaminated and the power being off for a week.
We have decide if it was a full blown hurricane numbered at 2 or above we would not stay on the boat. We both agree that we have been bounced around on docks a lot more at home then we were here durining Tropical Rick.