Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mag Bay to Cabo San Lucas

Entering Magdalena Bay was like manoeuvring through a mine field. There were small lobster traps though-out the channel. At one point we could have picked one up with our hands it was so close. But once again we were able to avoid picking one up in the prop.

We decided it was time to get the dingy in the water. We turned on the inverter plugged in our electric air pump to help inflate the dingy, and BANG in blew up. Out came the manual pump and 45 minutes later we were on the beach and in the ocean for our 1st swim in Mexico the water temp was 29 degrees C. We found a couple of large and colourful shells. Lynn was astonished at how well he could float in the salt water.

We have now covered over 2000 nautical miles and rounded four capes, and have arrived in Cabo San Lucus. On this last overnighter we had a small bird ride with us during supper and then on Debbie's watch around 5:00am she was joined by a 10" flying fish that slapped her on the side of the leg and then flopped around on the deck till she threw it back in the ocean. Let's say there was a slight squeal and then laughter when she figured out what it was. Just after sunrise Lynn had his own dolphin show with them jumping straight out of the water into the air in front of the boat.

On the last part of the trip into Cabo we had the winds build up to 28 or 30 knots which gave us a good sleigh ride with the boat surfing some waves and boat speeds in excess of 7 knots.

What a change an overnight sail can make, we went from being anchored where the fishermen live in tents and ruined building on the beach to all the affluence of Cabo.

Being anchored in Cabo in front of the white sandy beaches and seeing the fancy hotels and condos on the beaches makes us feel like we are living in the travel magazine advertisements it is just beautiful here. We took a trip in to town to report into the Port Captain only to be told it is Saturday and he will not be back till Monday, guess we really are in cruiser mode now.

We have successfully landed the dingy on the beach through some very small surf, Yeah no one got wet. Now leaving the beach was another story. Pull the dingy back down to the water. Get it deep enough to start the motor. Oops turn it bow out, pull the motor to start, now we are out to far. Debbie is ¾ wet Lynn can't get the motor started. Thanks to a panaga operator he came and buffed the waves while we rolled into the dingy like beached whales and got it going. Hmm we will have to figure out how to get in the dingy and get it off the beach with out getting soaked. I guess that's why they invented dry bags.

We will be leaving here to start making our way around to La Paz in a day or so.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Bahia Santa Maria Nov 24

Arrived here after a long and no or low wind trip from Turtle Bay , 55 hrs.

Turtle Bay is not much , a small Mexican village that serves a large fishing and lobster fleet, as well as boats going up and down the coast. Fuel is delivered to your boat by a panga. Internet access in slow slow and the computers in the internet office have seen better days. To get to Turtle Bay from the main highway its 107 miles of so called road. Most of the vehicles here look like they have been driven over some very hard road or competed in the Baja cross country road race. Turtle Bay is
known for its many auto parts stores , and one can now see why.

Out trip to Bahia Santa Maria required Debbie to use here Spanish to call a ship , it would not respond when called in English. But when it did respond it was in English, so you go figure. We seen a few cruise ships, fishing boats and other cruising boats , so at night it gives you some thing to do rather then look at a blank radar screen. We will be here for a day of two and then may move a short distance to a place called Bahia Madalena (Mag Bay) for a few more days to allow us some shore time.
Mag Bay will have seen 200 -250 Grey whales as they migrate up and down the coast. So Maybe we will see one as well.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Mexican Waters

We left Ensenada around 9 am Nov 16 on our first overnight in Mexican waters. We enjoyed watching the whales during th day, as evening approached we fired up the radar only to find the Mexican fishing fleet (well only 6 boats) was in front of us. After taking evasive action we were no closer to them just closer to New Zealand , they were going the same way. During the night we were joined by numerous dolphins which rode our bow wave as we motored under a 1/2 moon sky and lots of stars arriving a
San Quintin at about 10:30 am on Nov 17. This morning Nov 18 we left at 6:30 am for Credos Island and or Turtle Bay. We should be there some time around 6 am on Nov 19. Since leaving San Diego we have had very little wind so a lot of motoring, however today we did get the spinnaker up for a while when motor sailing. Right now we have about 5 or 6 knots of wind with very flat seas so are still motor sailing. We continue to lean new things every day. Sea birds can stand on the water, that is if the
kelp patch is thick enough. Well that's all for now as its time for me (Lynn) to have a nap.

We arrive at our anchorage on Credos Island and will spend the day here and then head to Turtle Bay.

We have been having a few computer problems with the computer we use to do email and position reports from the boat via the radio so if you do not ee a posting for a while don't panic as we may be limited to doing them only when we have internet access.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We left San Diego at 5:30 A.M. arriving in Ensenada around 5:10 P.M. We jumped on to the dock just as the last bit sun disappeared under the horizon. Poor Dolphin Tales was pushed very hard today. This will be the last time we push the boat or our selves this hard. From now on any trips over 45 nautical miles will become overnight passages. The anchorages on the west coast are very rocky and rolly so we would not be getting much sleep anyways.

Since arriving, we have done the paper shuffle, it only took 90 minutes. They have set everything up in one building with numbers. 1 to 5 only problem being is that you go from one to three then back to one then over to 2 then back to three then back over to 2 then over to 4 if you need a fishing licence which everyone does on the boat if you have just one hook. Then it’s over to 5 where you push the button to see if you can stay in Mexico or if they need to search your boat. Yes we get to stay and no they do not have to come to the boat.

People are friendly and very helpful, our little bit of Spanish seems to be helping and we are learning more as we go along. We had supper one night were drinks were 2 for 1 they supplied you with taco chips, pasta and salad, all for $8.00 U.S for the both of us.

To get fuel they bring it directly to your boat in a 45 gallon drum with a baha filter attachted, pump it right there at a cost of $3.00 a gallon taxes in.

San Diego

San Diego

What a place, you could spend a month here and still not see all the sites
We spend 9 days with 4 of them devoted to boat chores. We were given free tickets to either the zoo or the wild animal park. We choose the Wild Animal Park where Lynn and I went on a 3 hour safari. There were only 6 of us on the tour so we had access to all sides of the vehicle. We took lots of video and over 500 pictures. As you can see we got to be very close to the animals. I have enough photos of the 15 different giraffes that I should be able to make a calendar. We also experienced some close encounters with a few Rhinos.

Our buddy boat Kaligan opted to just walk the park, which we did after the tour. We all had a great time. After hours here we had no desire to see the other zoo. But we did go to one of 20 Museums in Balbo Park.

We did go to the Midway which is a retired aircraft carrier which has been turned into museum. It took us 4 hours to see all of it.

We left for Ensenada on Nov 12, 2008.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

San Diego Police Docks

We arrived in San Diego on Monday, tied up to the Southwestern Yacht club. Lynn and I decided to go into town to find a transit schedule. We hopped on the bus purchased a $5.00 day pass and proceeded to ride 4 different routes on elecrtic trains that they call trollys. After being on the rails for a good 7 hours we have decided to rent a car to hit a few of the tourist places we wish to see. This am we were up at 6:00am to move the boat over to the police docks where you only pay$10.00 for the 1st 5 days then $22.00 for the next 5. Most of the commmercial marnias are $1.50 or more a foot so this place is a good deal.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oceaside Yacht Club and Santa Catalina Island

We arrived in Oceanside on October 31st and were invited to a Halloween Party at the Oceanside Yacht Club. So we went as the token Canadians (wrapped in Canadian flags and Canada ball hats).

Last night a pot luck supper was held on the dock just down from us so we met a few more very nice people.

Prior to getting to here we were in Avalon on Santa Catalina Island. A neat little town that at one point was the playground for the rich and famous. Years ago the Chicago Cubs had spring training at Avalon. The Cubs were owned by the Wrigley Gum people who owned a lot of the island. When you are there you tie up to a mooring ball that has two ropes on it. One for the bow and one for the stern. These rope have weights on them that make them sink when released from the boat. One of ours caught the
rudder but missed the prop as we were leaving and was able to be released, however on Kalagan our buddy boat they released the bow rope first(wrong) and then the stern which then wrapped it self around the prop. Skipper Rick then had to dive the boat to get the rope off. All this at 7 am in the morning.

We are leaving Oceanside on Monday and heading to San Diego were we will be for about a week, doing the tourist stuff and last minute shopping before heading into Mexico.