Monday, August 29, 2016

Pig Roast

When boaters get bored in the summer they have, a party on land. Numerous emails went out and about 36. Boaters took up the challenge to travel to Comox BC.
People came from all over the island, Alberta . Plus we had five folks from the United States .

pig roast

It's been wrapped in tin foil to hold in the heat

Ron and Fran Took The Crew Of Dolphin Tales Up On The Offer Of a Place To Stay

Our Luxury Accommodations For Visiting Cruisers

Never let it be said that the crew of Dolphin Tales does not go all out to
look after visiting cruisers.

Discussing The State Of Affairs At Little Darcy

Phil, Phil, Lynn, Katie and Carole

Visiting Little Darcy Island With The Folks From Avalon and Meradon

Ken and Paulette In His Newest Collector Car

Ken and Paulette at the Venados Of Mazatlan Baseball Statue

Deer Island Anchorage

Kyle-Dawn In Dingy At Deer Island

Back To Mazatlan , Once Again The Easy Way

These Guys Need To Get Off The Diet They Are On

Our Tour Guides Are Having Way To Much Fun!!!!!!! Maybe We Should Hide The Grog

Zachary Catches A Ride

Debbie Playing With The Dolphins

Debbie Getting Up Close and Personal With The Parrot

Zachary Listening To The Parrot Tell Him About Polly

100 Steps From The Office To The Condo

Our Tour Guides.. Zachary Christa, Scott and Devon

Being A Tourist

View From Condo In Cabo....Last Time We Were Anchored In The Bay

Bus Trip to Cabo , Via the Coast

Were Is The Rest Of The Building?

Marina Palmira La Paz

Mazatlan to La Paz the easy way....go by air