Saturday, September 17, 2016

Summer holiday or was it summer camp

After swearing that we would not leave the island this summer, we broke down and made a trip to Port Townsend. We have some great boating friends Katie and Phil who had been asking us to visit for a few years now.

Boy if we had know that once we drove up this steep curved drive-way we would be at an adult summer camp we would have been over years ago.

Summer holiday

We arrived just at tea time and were met with fresh cookies and tea. Our room
 was great with a lovely view. Over the next couple of days we were driven around to see the sites
We picked wild apples and blackberries to make an apple crisp.

We were given instructions on what safety gear to use and how to 
Hold the arrow so we could become part of Robinhoods Merry-men.

Once we had hit the target enough the bottom two pictures will show our true child selves  slipping
out. Or was that swinging out