Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back In Mazatlan

Arrived back here on Tuesday afternoon. The Westjet flight only had two empty seats so it would seem that the snowbirds are starting to migrate.

The boat seems to be fine, no issues with any systems yet and it was very clean (they washed it the morning we were coming back). We are not in a big hurry to put the cockpit enclosure or sails on yet as it was a year ago today that we sat thru the tail end of Hurricane Rick. Even though it has been a quiet hurricane season for the Eastern Pacific there is still time to get kicked with a storm. The temp is hanging around 30 degrees but the humidity has not been to bad. We are also back playing our favourite game.Try and find the stuff you but away 6 months ago and cannot remember were you put it. Kinda like Christmas when you find it.

It feels like one is coming home when we get back here.The staff are all glad to see you, and there are a few cruiser friends hanging around. And one can afford to go out for drinks and dinner.