Sunday, September 28, 2008

In San Francisco

We arrived here on Thursday 25 Sept at noon after an easy run from Drakes Bay and are currently on a mooring ball at the Sausalito Yacht Club, but is is very bouncy. We took the ferry over to San Francisco and toured Chinatown and the Aquarium on the pier. All is well on board and we are just working on the schedule to leave here and head further south. We are waiting for a new transmission dipstick which should be here Tuesday. It is a plastic screw in type and the plastic screw in part broke when we were at Drakes Bay, but DUCT tape to the rescue. This update is a little late as we thought we had done it but did not.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bodega Bay and Drakes Bay California

We left Brookings Oregon on Sat 20 arrived in Bodega Bay Monday the 22nd. The seas gave us a nice suprise to go around Cape Mendocino ( one of the trickiest parts of the coast to get around)the seas were fairly flat and the wind calm so we decided to make the 30 hour run to Bodega Bay. Well we guess when the weather says expect strong winds and mixed seas they mean it. We sailed for about 26 hrs in a washing machine. The boat and crew were very happy to pull into the bay. It reminds us of the lake
around Vernon or Blackstrap in Saskatchewan, very calm and surrounded by hills with very little vegetation. We should be in San Francisco in a couple of days. Debbie has done a great job on the boat dealing with some tuff conditions.

Took the bus into Santa Rosa yesterday and visited and made like tourists.

As of now Wednesday the 24th we are anchored in Drakes Bay.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Newport Oregon

Arrived here safe and sound after a 30 hour trip from Grays. Winds were light in the 10 knot range most of the way. The biggest seas were when crossing the bar leaving Grays Harbor (the most excitement on this leg). We are finding that 2 hour watches are working out ok. Are planning to spent Saturday and Sunday here, and then will probably move on to Coos Bay Oregon early next week depending on the weather.


So i was going to leave a comment BUT you have disabled that feature along the lines somewhere. Which means i have to leave a post instead. You should start putting the date you are doing things rather then just saying Thursday or Friday kind of thing, First that would make for a better story when you get back, and second it would be easier to know where you are when.
Happy Sailing and stay away from Crab pots

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Grays Harbour Washington

Left Neah Bay at 1130 am on Tuesday and arrived here about noon Wednesday. Fog most of the way and we were playing tag with the crab pots. The vessel traveling with us did manage to find one of the float with their prop and had the US Coast Guard tow them into Grays Harbour. Lucky no damage and a diver cleared the rope from the shaft. We are heading out to Newport Oregon on Thursday and will probably go 20 to 30 miles out to stay clear of the crap traps and fog.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We Are In Neah Bay

We arrived in Neah Bay today and will be going to Grays Harbour tommorow. All is well on board. We have been motoring due to lack of wind on Juan de Fuca Strait, but we are looking for North or Northwest winds tommorrow in the 15 knots range so we should have a downhill ride. Debbie is fine with the motion so far, drugs are good. (Lynn to)

The vessel Kaligan is sailing with us. Rick picked up a crew (Kelly) since Dawns mom is very ill. Hope she is alright and we look forward to having Dawn catch up with us.

We have been having an intermittant problem with the SSB radio, but it is still ok, and we do have the part to fix it at somepoint.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crew are all well

The crew have been given a clean bill of heath and may now leave on the sailing adventure. We plan to be out of here somtime around Sept 8th. Look for more info as we go along.