Sunday, October 26, 2008

Del Ray Yacht Club

We arrived today at the Del Ray Yacht Club in Marina Del Ray. The entrance is very narrow into the harbour and all the weekenders were returning home. Some sailing, some motoring, big boats, little boats and we had no idea were we were going......The place is huge. There are something like 6000 boats moored here. After finding the guest docks (with help from a Laser sailor) we did get into the proper slip at the yacht club. As soon as we tied up people were welcoming us to the club and made sure we felt right at home. We left our last port at 7 am in the fog and thought we were back off the coast of Oregon, but the fog lifted and we had a great downwind sail for at least half the trip.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club

Thursday Oct 23: Arrived here after a very hard 7 mile trip from Ventura. The club here has a pool , hot tub, bar, and dining room. Last night we met a lot of people in the bar and one of them then took us out today for a trip around the harbour in his electric boat. A lot of the homes are built on canals so most of them have these little boats to travel around in. The actual town is called Oxnard. We are heading out on Sunday to Marina Del Ray (Oct 26). All is well on board, the weather is great. One day of rain since leaving Canada.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 15 to 22

What can we say about Port San Luis, it is so picturesque. We have a lovely white sand beach, dolphin swimming and jumping around the boat. While sea otters are floating on their backs as they fill up on sea urchins and sea cucumbers. The sea lions and seals keep swimming by for a quick snack on the fish the below. But they do not stick around to rest or sleep which is fine with us as we had enough of thier barking and baying while in Monterey. Both boats agree that it feels like we are somewhere exotic.

They offer a free water taxi which Lynn and I used to see the town of Port San Luis. We really should have filled up our dingy and tryed a surf landing here. Oh well guess we will practise once we get to Mexico.

We left at 6:00am on Oct 15 thank goodness for radar. While we were asleep we had a few more boats come in and anchor behind us and right in the clear pass we had planned to use to leave by. We are heading for Cojoh anchorage which is just past Point Conception. The locals refer to this point as the Cape Horn of Pacific it was a pussy cat to us. We had all heard that the weather gets warmer and the seas settle down once you pass this point; boy was everyone right about that.

We spent 3 days in Santa Barabara, they have a trolley that runs all direction in the city for only .25cents. We found that almost ever type of store was within walking distance of the bus route. With this in mind we did a major restocking here. We met a few other boats that did the same thing. This means San Diego will not be that big of a rush to find items.

We are tied up in Venture at the Venture yacht club. We were only going to stay 3days but even though the marine weather did not call it we are having Santa Anna winds that are blowing at 30-40 knots. Really strange cause at 7:00am it was calm and by 8:30 they had blown in. Around Noon the marine weather picked up the wind and gave a warning. Looks like we might be here till Friday

Hoping are next stop is Newport where Lynn and I will go to Disenyland, Universal studios and either Knotts Berry Farm or Lego Land. Hmm I'm thinking we should have the grandkids with us for these stops.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Port San Luis

We arrived in Port San Luis after an overnight sail from Monterey. The forcast was for 10-15 Knots of wind but we had 15-25 with gusts to 30 and 35 Knots. Who knows with the weather man, but it made for some good sailing and lumpy seas. Not sure how long we will be here as the Santa Anna winds are starting to blow to the south of us.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still In Monterey

Well we are still here and enjoying the area. A gale has been blowing through here the last couple of days so all the boats travelling down the coast have been staying at the dock. The weather looks good for Sunday so we should be out of here for Morro Bay tommorrow.

Our tours have taken us to Carmel, Pebble Beach (and no Lynn did not play golf) and a bucnh of stuff in the town.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Monterey California

Arrived here on Sunday October 5th and will be here for a few days. Did a hugh load of laundry when we got here and also met up with some sailing friends from Victoria (Tony and Nancy on Moodancer).Spent Monday touring their world class aquarium and taking a tour of the area on a transit bus. For 4.50 you cannot go wrong.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 3 2008 Santa Cruz

Arrived hear yesterday PM and went and did the tourist thing today in town , museums, boardwalk, Trader Joes etc. May leave here on Sunday and heard to Monteray weather permitting. All is well on board (touch wood). Had a long walk into town and then took the transit bus back to the marina. Will need to spend more time learning how public transport works and save on shoe leather.

All for now.