Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ball Games

Previous game shots.

Well the Mazatlan ball Team the Venados won the series and are now off to the Caribbean series the stadium holds about 13,000 and they let in about 16,000 plus. people are everywhere.

This is Venny the Mascot, pronounced Benny. The Kids love him, most women want to kiss him, and the guys wonder why he does not get slapped. He really put on an entertaining show during the game

The half time shows are also something to see.
Lynn and his brother Ken really want a Pacifico girl; mind you so does every other male in the ball park.
Each section has a beer vendor, whom tries very hard to keep everyone from going dry. Beer is only 170pesos= 1.70 Canadian. How much can one drink at a ballgame Lots!!