Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweating it out in Mazatlan

Sweating it out in Mazatlan.

It is still very hot and humid but should start to settle down in a few more weeks. But when it is 33 degrees in the boat it is hard to say we are suffering when we are sitting at the pool and having happy hour. We have 4 fairly large fans running 24 - 7 so it sounds like one is living inside a jet engine getting ready to taxi and take off. The fans give us a temperature of around 29 degrees we think that's almost as workable temp. It is taking a long time to get the boat back together as we are only working on boat jobs in the early morning or in the evening. Even then we are sweating like roasted pigs.

Debbie says we have finally become true Mexicans. We needed some pieces of wood to make some shelves and they would not fit in the borrowed car we have, so, it is down the road with the wood resting on the outside mirror and Debbie hanging onto it. At least she was not running along side holding on. Trying to explain in Spanish that we wanted some 1 x 2 lumber was a trick, when the homes here are brick and cement.

We have had a few thunderstorms with lots of wind and rain, but they do not last long so you just need to time your travels to stay dry. The lightning is a bit of a novelty for us folks from Victoria. Right now we are keeping an eye on Hurricane Rick that is offshore and heading towards Cabo and possibly back towards the mainland North of Mazatlan. It is forecast to be about 370km on its closest approach to Mazatlan with winds of 90 kms. Sometimes these hurricanes decide to take a left turn before they make it farther north so we are praying to the wind stays on track.

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