Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting The Boat Back Together

We are getting stuff done, but takes a little longer when you only work 8 am to Noon. Don't you like those hours but is too hot and humid to do
much in the afternoon. So far all seems to be in good shape, engine started first turn after sitting for 6 months. We now have most of the stuff out of the cabin, just the dingy to move from under the table. On the fun side we went to one baseball game , Mazatlan lost but beer is still cheap.  
Attended a third birthday party for the 3 year grandson of some Mexican friends. Had to be 70 or more kids at this party.
It was held at a play area that is set up for kids events, very little parent supervision  and we never heard a single kid cry for the 2 hours we
were there.
And Beer and Beans has started again.