Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweating It Out In Mazatlan

Arrived in Mazatlan with only one bag missing from the flight but it did show up the next day. Since then we have been sweating to the oldies on Sirus Radio. The daytime temps are 29 or so and with the humidity it feels like 36 or so. But why are we complaining could be cold and wet like home.
Every day seems like Christmas. Just spent 4 days trying to find the rechargeable batteries and it was like Christmas when we found them. Finally turned on the fridge and freezer so we had to get groceries to fill it up, as it is easier on the system with stuff in them. So far the only thing that has come out it is pop and beer. 
Attended the El Cid cruisers party with lots of new cruisers. Also went to our first baseball game. Mazatlan lost as they have most of the season. O'well the fans are fun and the beer is cheap and cold.
Still have not made any plans for this season, but will see what happens.