Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hurricane Sandra

We tighten our lines to the dock, add a few more, fill the water tanks ,we removed the head sail and shade covers. Made sure we had the cupboards stocked. Found our wet weather gear. Checked the weather apps hourly till it was bed time. We felt that she had mellowed and would not be a threat. But you never know. Even the marina staff was asked to stay the night in case something blew up. Hurricane Sandra at one point was a Category 3 and the strongest late season hurricane recorded in the Eastern Pacific Area so it was wise to pay attention. The fishermen hauled their pangas up onto the sidewalk on the malacon to avoid any issues and they know the sea better then most.

Lynn's said the following when we got up on Saturday morning.

Preparing for hurricane Sandra was a little like planning for a party and no one shows.

Others on the dock went and had a celebration drink, as they felt they would rather be paying for drinks then the deductible on their boat insurance.

Yes we had rain and a little swell in marina, but it was a non event. We have had fiercer northerly winds then what Hurricane Sandra delivered.