Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad everyone. We are finding it very different having Christmas in 30 degree weather rather then rain,snow etc. You notice we said different nor difficult. We went carolling around the docks

and into the lobby of the hotel last night,

Then off to the hot tub and enjoyed an adult beverage. There is a boat here with 3 small kids on it and Lynn took them to see the lights around the El Cid housing complex. They were very excited and it made their Christmas Eve. Helped to put Grumpy in the spirit.

Who says you can't get good chocolate down here.

Lynn needed his Christmas Eve shopping fix because it would just not be Christmas without doing his shopping on the last day before Christmas so it was on the bus walk 3 or 4 blocks between stores and take a taxi home because the wine was to heavy to carry on the bus.

We will be joining friends for Christmas dinner tonight at a house in El Cid and will get to sleep in tomorrow (no Boxing Day sales to get up early for). Such is life in the Mexico fast lane.

Well need to run now, it is time for bingo at the pool.

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