Friday, December 19, 2008

Mazatlan Dec 19 2008

Well we have been in Mazatlan for 10 days and this is the first time we have stayed on the boat all day long. We are at the El Cid Marina Resort . Very good wireless internet, and cable tv to the boat (even have some English speaking channels). What a tough life.

Since leaving Cabo we stopped in Los Frailes where most boaters stop to snorkel or scuba diving. We tried to snorkel but the waves were to rough.

The area up behind the sand dunes looks just like southern Alberta or Sask.

We headed up to Los Muertos which means Bay of the Dead. There has been a restaurant there for ever. It is in the middle of nowhere.

There is now a new resort going in with a new golf course so the restaurant will not look so out of place, and the developers have renamed the area the Bay of Dreams. Guess they figured sales would be better with a new name.
While here a second northerly blew in, with another one forecasted for a few days later.

We decided to forgo La Paz and headed down to Mazatlan. Lynn wanted to sail so we headed out before the northerly was over. Needless to say, I`m glad that I was already on my seasickness meds. As the Captain was not prepared for the confused seas and felt a little under the weather for most of the first day.
On day two we saw 5 turtles the first couple had birds standing on them which confused us has we did not think of turtles at first. It's to bad that you can't see how big this turtle really is

Since arriving here our family here h as kept us very busy. We have been to 4 ballgames. Down town to the old part of Mazatlan a few times on a light tour and a couple of xmas parties.
Santa Claus is only 50 years old here.
But they celebrate almost ever Saint you can think of between Dec 6th to 20th. We attended a Salvation Army event for the orphanage down here. The get no government support so the shows are a major fundraiser for them.
The young teens have really learned how to dance and the school from the village sends the kids in to sing. It was really entertaining.

We try to work on boat chores in the A.M. when it is not so hot then its off to the pool or to tourist items. This is really the life.

The boat has been decorated for christmas

We are going to go out to a restaurant on Christmas day. I must say that having xmas down here with just the two of us means no pressure for the perfect gift, meal. But then that means no gifts for us either. (Lynn the Grinch)

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