Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 Days of music, coranations for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princess, fireworks almost every night, food vendors all over the place, dancing and partying on the streets. If you fainted at some of these events you would not hit the ground. We heard there were 300,00 people watching the parade. We felt there were that many in the Parade with all the floats, bands and people in the 4 hour parade. So many happy people and no fights

Thank goodness that we had Mexican friends that arranged seating for us they staked out these seat at 6:00am the parade did not start till 5:00pm

Looking North

Us in the Middle

Looking South the people just don't quit.

Not only were there Pacfico Girls but now they have Pacfico Boys only he is promoting Pacfico Light????? Hmm ????

Floats with people floats with statues, so many floats

Music from young adults and kids to full fledged bands. So much music it was hard to tell where one bands loud music ended and the next started.

This float has to be folded down once they reach the corner and need to go under the power lines. There were numerous floats that were set up to have the tops lowered down.

The small kids in the crowd became very excited when this float went by

While the young boys were trying to reach out and touch this one

Telling jokes and doing ticks while walking down the street

Sorry guys guess I forgot to take pictures of the girls I only got the guys off of this float must say the dancing was something else

who would have thought that the Irish would have a float here

Coranation of the Queen was held at the baseball field, the stage had a large screen behind showing women running through the forest.

The next shot was of a ragged women and then the new queen came out on the stage

Both events where ended with fireworks

They even light up the streets for Carnavale

We attended a concert in a empty lot that was about 4 blocks in size. The music was good they had 3 very large screens set up so no matter where you stood you could see the bands, and because all mexican music is loud hearing it was no problem.