Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We took a jungle river cruise there were a few birds and lots of foliage to look at. But most of all we are now in an area where you must look out for!!!!! scroll down to see.

This area with the fence is a swimming area at the top of the jungle ride and no it is not just to keep the trutles out.

This croc was just out side the swimming area and the small guy was about where the fresh and sea water met. I'm not going in this water.

Not only do we have to worry about crocs we have to be on the look out fro termites this was a small nest compared to some we saw.

We brought are dingy in and a had a couple of glasses of lemondae with our friends Jim and Bonnie on Murray Grey, we left MAzatland with them.

Tropical storm Rick and the surge of the waves knocked down this bathroom and shower area on the beach.

This is where is palapa was before the storm he moved it up to where we are now. Can you see our boats way way out there?

Machenten Bay recommended that you anchor out at least one and half miles. Which we did to avoid the no seeums. Only problem was they found Debbie and she had 84 bites on her legs below the knees. Talk about itchy.