Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas


Hope you are all fine and ready for the Christmas season. We have put up our small tree and numerous Christmas lights. There are 4 other boats with lights but, I think we have the most. The area we our in is about 40 miles north of Manzanillo. We had headed into Barra De Navidad on Dec 17th only to find that the lagoon area was filled with no see-um-mums and mosquitoes once the sun went down. Plus there were no other boats there and nothing was going on for Christmas at this time. So instead of staying there till after Christmas we headed back to Tenacatita on the 20th after doing laundry and re-stocking. If we want to see Barra at night we will need to make arrangements to have a water taxi take us in as the lagoon is very hard to navigate in the dark as there are numerous shallows.

We are now sitting at Tenacatita Bay where the water temp is about 85 and the sun seems to shine every day. We have been swimming, had 2 humpback whales put on a wonderful show in the bay and watched numerous fish jumping out of the water along with stingrays. We have also seen two turtles in the bay. So life has been good.

We will be thinking of each and everyone of you on Christmas Day especial at supper time, as we will not be having Turkey this Christmas. We could not find any turkey or even whole chickens. We are having B.B.Q. chicken breasts, dressing, cranberry jelly, mash potatoes and of course cream corn. Lynn is a little sad as we also could not find any turnips. We are sharing this big meal on Dec 24 with friends from the Murrey Grey and Optical Illusion.Then one of the boats is heading back to Barra De Navidad where they can get internet and phone service. We will likely head back there on 26th of Dec and stay till after the New Year. Then we will head a little farther south before starting to head back to Mazatland.

There are about 20 boats in the Bay and we are all going to get together on the Beach on Christmas Day in the afternoon and have a pot luck. Depending on the surf. We are really good surf-landers so far. But, leaving is another matter, so far the most water we have taken in the dingy was about 6 to 8 inches . Only once have we left the beach and only took one wave over us. Rule always wear clothing that is ok to get wet on the trip back from the beach.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year.