Thursday, January 14, 2010



We headed over to Melaque by bus for all of 50 cents to catch a taxi ($5.00) to the secret beach, just outside of Melaque here we spent the day with Annie and Glen. The secret beach and anchorage is really Playa Custecomate it is just about enclosed by the craggy mountains and rock formations at the entrance. There were 8 boats tucked in there and all said the snorkelling was wonderful and the bay was not to rolly but you have to be very careful coming in as there is a big reef that you skirt coming in. We think we may try this place on our way back north.

When we left to go back to Barra Annie's friend offered us a ride. Little did we know we would be traveling Mexican style, yes, we had 4 people in the box of the truck and 6 in the cab. Good thing there were no police, cause we are sure that being white we might have got a ticket.

Murray Grey decided that they wanted to leave a day before us so they pulled out only to have engine trouble before they even reach the mouth of the lagoon. It was a Chinese fire drill as only 2 or 3 boats had there dinghy's and motors in the water. In all 7 dinghies brought the Murray Grey back in to anchor. See what happens when they try to leave with out that 36ft Dolphin Tales trailing behind them.

We just about had the anchor up when we got a call from another boat asking us to make a deliver to Optical Illusion. It seems they were in Manzanillo and would like their Kitten Amber back. We went in circles till they packed her up and we loaded her on board.

Well time to get the boat ready to leave and to head for our last southern stop before we head back north to Mazatlan. We had a nice sail from Bara all the way down to Punta Carrizo where we stern anchored for the night. Bonnie on Murray Grey had been fishing all day I think it was 4 caught and only one saved. So we had our first meal of Dorado, it was very good.