Thursday, January 14, 2010

TO JAN 1 2010

Well Christmas day has come and gone. We awoke to find Santa had left both of us necklaces, and some bakery goods. We went over to a motor boat called Sirens Call from Alaska with Gail and John on it. John is the king of latté coffees while Gail had baked up a numerous bakery items. We then all headed to the beach for Shrimp and Blacken fish with each boat bringing in a potluck item. We had so much food that we really had no room to go back to Sirens Call for smoked turkey and all the fixings but we managed.

We headed back to Barra De Navidad to see if we could find some land based friends that were here for a few days. Now the Lagoon at Barra is very large but has numerous shallows and mud flats so if you want to go to town at night you must hire a panaga, for 2.50 (pasos) round trip. Boy do they travel. We finally made a connection with Anne and Glen on Dec 31st; we made plans to meet up again in 2 days.

New Years Eve was spent at two different locations: the first was supper over at the Grand Bay Golf course with 12 other couples; we were the token Canadians for the evening. One of the other boats brought hats and noise makers so at the Cruisers Midnight 9:00pm some of us put on hats and blew the noise makers. Then it was back to the boats where some went straight to bed others to other boats to party. We went to town and enjoyed the people festivities and the fireworks. The fireworks were about 15 minutes long and were great.