Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mag Bay to Cabo San Lucas

Entering Magdalena Bay was like manoeuvring through a mine field. There were small lobster traps though-out the channel. At one point we could have picked one up with our hands it was so close. But once again we were able to avoid picking one up in the prop.

We decided it was time to get the dingy in the water. We turned on the inverter plugged in our electric air pump to help inflate the dingy, and BANG in blew up. Out came the manual pump and 45 minutes later we were on the beach and in the ocean for our 1st swim in Mexico the water temp was 29 degrees C. We found a couple of large and colourful shells. Lynn was astonished at how well he could float in the salt water.

We have now covered over 2000 nautical miles and rounded four capes, and have arrived in Cabo San Lucus. On this last overnighter we had a small bird ride with us during supper and then on Debbie's watch around 5:00am she was joined by a 10" flying fish that slapped her on the side of the leg and then flopped around on the deck till she threw it back in the ocean. Let's say there was a slight squeal and then laughter when she figured out what it was. Just after sunrise Lynn had his own dolphin show with them jumping straight out of the water into the air in front of the boat.

On the last part of the trip into Cabo we had the winds build up to 28 or 30 knots which gave us a good sleigh ride with the boat surfing some waves and boat speeds in excess of 7 knots.

What a change an overnight sail can make, we went from being anchored where the fishermen live in tents and ruined building on the beach to all the affluence of Cabo.

Being anchored in Cabo in front of the white sandy beaches and seeing the fancy hotels and condos on the beaches makes us feel like we are living in the travel magazine advertisements it is just beautiful here. We took a trip in to town to report into the Port Captain only to be told it is Saturday and he will not be back till Monday, guess we really are in cruiser mode now.

We have successfully landed the dingy on the beach through some very small surf, Yeah no one got wet. Now leaving the beach was another story. Pull the dingy back down to the water. Get it deep enough to start the motor. Oops turn it bow out, pull the motor to start, now we are out to far. Debbie is ¾ wet Lynn can't get the motor started. Thanks to a panaga operator he came and buffed the waves while we rolled into the dingy like beached whales and got it going. Hmm we will have to figure out how to get in the dingy and get it off the beach with out getting soaked. I guess that's why they invented dry bags.

We will be leaving here to start making our way around to La Paz in a day or so.