Monday, November 24, 2008

Bahia Santa Maria Nov 24

Arrived here after a long and no or low wind trip from Turtle Bay , 55 hrs.

Turtle Bay is not much , a small Mexican village that serves a large fishing and lobster fleet, as well as boats going up and down the coast. Fuel is delivered to your boat by a panga. Internet access in slow slow and the computers in the internet office have seen better days. To get to Turtle Bay from the main highway its 107 miles of so called road. Most of the vehicles here look like they have been driven over some very hard road or competed in the Baja cross country road race. Turtle Bay is
known for its many auto parts stores , and one can now see why.

Out trip to Bahia Santa Maria required Debbie to use here Spanish to call a ship , it would not respond when called in English. But when it did respond it was in English, so you go figure. We seen a few cruise ships, fishing boats and other cruising boats , so at night it gives you some thing to do rather then look at a blank radar screen. We will be here for a day of two and then may move a short distance to a place called Bahia Madalena (Mag Bay) for a few more days to allow us some shore time.
Mag Bay will have seen 200 -250 Grey whales as they migrate up and down the coast. So Maybe we will see one as well.