Saturday, November 15, 2008


We left San Diego at 5:30 A.M. arriving in Ensenada around 5:10 P.M. We jumped on to the dock just as the last bit sun disappeared under the horizon. Poor Dolphin Tales was pushed very hard today. This will be the last time we push the boat or our selves this hard. From now on any trips over 45 nautical miles will become overnight passages. The anchorages on the west coast are very rocky and rolly so we would not be getting much sleep anyways.

Since arriving, we have done the paper shuffle, it only took 90 minutes. They have set everything up in one building with numbers. 1 to 5 only problem being is that you go from one to three then back to one then over to 2 then back to three then back over to 2 then over to 4 if you need a fishing licence which everyone does on the boat if you have just one hook. Then it’s over to 5 where you push the button to see if you can stay in Mexico or if they need to search your boat. Yes we get to stay and no they do not have to come to the boat.

People are friendly and very helpful, our little bit of Spanish seems to be helping and we are learning more as we go along. We had supper one night were drinks were 2 for 1 they supplied you with taco chips, pasta and salad, all for $8.00 U.S for the both of us.

To get fuel they bring it directly to your boat in a 45 gallon drum with a baha filter attachted, pump it right there at a cost of $3.00 a gallon taxes in.