Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We brought out the little kids in us and attended the Circus. First problem was buying tickets there were 3 levels of seats we wanted the middle range but ended up with 4 tickets for two in the cheap seats. Good news we did get the correct change back, go figure. Then the usher tried to tell us were to go, out of a 40 word commentary we got right, front and up we think. Oh well we were not in the center but off to the side, just meant we did not get a lot of frontal views of the show. Now this was just a one ring circus so you could see most of the show from any angle.

We were entertained by 20 tigers, the metal netting that was used to contain them was held up in the center just like the big tent. Some of the Tigers appeared to be in a bad mood and were growling and swiping with their paws at each other and the ring master.

Debbie had turned off her flash while the Tiger show was on only to find a Mexican usher in front of the camera saying No! No! (we were not sure if that meant no pictures or no flash).

We had horses, giraffes, 1 and 2 hump camels and even a buffalo. The buffalo was the only animal that ended up with a rider on it, and it was not a good looking lady.

The clown skits were entertaining and not to hard to follow even though everything was in Spanish. There were two showing of acrobats; the first lady was in the lights so much you could only make out her shadow.

The second group was two men and two ladies. The older man stayed on one side and did all the catching of the other 3. We were quite impressed at how close the younger mans’ head came to the lighting fixtures when he pumped back and forth before tumbling over to be caught. It looked like he had inches to spare with out hitting his head.

Did we enjoy the Circus YES, would recommend other to attend YES!