Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well January was not as busy as December; we were still busy with ballgames as previous mentioned. This is Shaperio our beer vendor. Each Vendor has their own section so you have the same vendor each game.
We also had company Christa, Scott and the Boys came for a week. It was great to see family and get a grandkid fix, but then it made us miss the rest of the family just a little bit more. Oh well, we will get to see them all in April when we get back.

First thing the boys wanted to so was to go swimming in the pool here at El Cid Marina and order a drink. Devon who never drinks juice had a virgin pina colata

Now down here we have Four modes of Transportation; Bus, Regular Taxi, Pulmonia (small

open air cart similar to a golf cart)
or if there are more than 5 people you take a small open ended Truck with benches.

We never thought we see the day that Christa would place her Children in some of these questionable vehicles. Let’s just say that the boys had a blast. They were singing away to the loud music which was being played in the truck. . The ride in the Pulmonia was not quite exciting, but they both enjoyed the wind blowing through there hair.

We took the boys to the Aquarium here which is very small and not updated as the one in Vancouver which Devon and Zachary are both familiar with. But they did enjoy the Sea Lion show and the Bird show.

Christa and Scott took the day off from parenthood and went Zip Lining across the Mexican outback. We took the boat out for the 1st time since arriving in Mazatlan over to Venados Island better know as Deer Island to us English speaking people. Here Christa and the family swam, snorkelled, found sea shells and went for a walk part way up to the top of the island. There we all had lunch and enjoyed the peacefulness’ of the island as there were not many visitors that day. We also attended a Mexican Fiesta where we had a Mexican buffet and lots of entertainment. Even the boys got to go up and be on stage.

Visited the main Church, here in down town Mazatlan which is full of figurines

and parts of the market. We kept them so busy that they all had to head back home for a holiday.