Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a little out of place but worth putting in.

Christmas in Mexico Posadas

The Mexicans’ have lots of celebrations at Christmas. One of the many celebrations is the nine Posadas which represent the Pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem during the 9 months that Mary was pregnant. The 1st is held on the 16th of Dec and continue until the 25th of Dec.

Most neighbourhoods get together and decide which homes will not let Mary and Joseph stay and which one will be the final resting place for baby Jesus to be born. This home is now the party home. The pilgrims start the Posada celebration with Joseph and Mary with their burrow leading the way.

If no one has costumes they will be carrying a nativity scene. All the neighbours join the procession as it makes it way to the chosen home. Here the children/adults in the procession break open a Piñata, share drinks and food and good company is enjoyed. Some parties are fancier and some are plain. But they all celebrate the welcoming of Christ.

We were fortunate to have attended one where homemade donuts were served along with

Hot chocolate and lots of children. The party home had about 15 people inside, while the outside group was about 70.The outside group are singing a song requesting to come in. The small group inside is replying back with who and why should we let you stay.The noise level inside was louder then the group outside.

Watching the Piñata being pulled up and down and the children trying to break it open was Hilarous plus the fact that from up above we were throwing down the occasional handful of candy. So the children thought they had started to break the Pinata

Just down from the home was a pool hall that looked like it was out of a wild, wild, west movie. It did not look out of place as the roads in the neighbourhood were dirt and there are very few street lights.