Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Xochimilco canal ride

Xochimilco = Nahuatl for place where flowers grow.

At one time Mexico City was a network of Canals with floating gardens called CHINAMPAS. About 20km from downtown there is an area that has been saved with about 180kms of canals . On the weekends this is a favorite area to visit. The waterways become jammed with flat bottom boats (trajineras)that are poled down the canalsNot only do you get a boat ride but numerous vendors also pole up and down the canels with their wares. If they don't sell it you do not need it. Flowers, hot and cold food, toyes, clothing, hats, blankets There are also boats being poles with bands that will play music for you for a fee.

They use the canals just like a highway to move wood for fires goods for sale , we even saw a garbage boat.