Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the caves

Up and on the bus by 7:00am we were on another road trip, we were surprised to see nets covering the hill side to stop the sluffing same as we do at home. 30 kms NE of Taxco we took a side trip to the Cacahuamilpa Caves
It's a short walk up and down the valley before reaching the entrance to the caves
Hmm that looks pretty deep
As we desend lights come on along the path making the people below look like ants
The stalacitites, stalagmites are something to see
To realize the depths they have placed colourd lights behind some of them.
Many of the rock formations have been named for the resemblance that they form.
There were also numerous holes were the light shone through to show a shadow of something or someone. This one is named after the Christ Child.