Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The town of Taxco is know through out Mexico for its pervious silver mines. This church was built in 5 years with the money coming from a rich mine owner. The town is built into the hillside with numerous one way streets. We only had a few hours to explore.It is very pretty and spread out.Would be a good place to spend a few days.
Lots of shops selling silver jewelry, dishes but this one specialized in larger items and stautes of animals
The price of beer dictated were we had lunch. Most places wanted 2.00 we found this place for 1.50 plus it had a nice veiw and Lynn was able to buy himself a ring.
The church door no money is being spent on it
Heading back down to catch the bus back to Mexcio city, the cobblestone road is only wide enough for one car and not alot of foot traffic
Every plaza we have been in has been selling these bright pull toys, I've been tempted to purchase some but can't figure out how I would get them home and if they would be safe for the little ones.