Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mexico city churchs

Churches churches and more churches. As they slowly sink down in the old lake bed it appears that they just keep building more. The city is filled with church steeples. The Cathedral Metropolitana below took over 300 years to complete.
The pictures never seem to capture the richness of the gold and silver leaf paint that was used in most of the churches. Not only at the alter but also on a lot of the walls.
Every church has alcoves. Some have lots some have one or two, but ever church has at least one statue of a Saint or two. This one had numerous alcoves and close to ever saint they could think of that you might want to pray to.

This was the saint to keep someones mouth closed depending on what they were saying and how bad you wanted to keep their mouths closed, depended on the size of the lock.
Here they were cleaning and retouching the statues and paintings.This is a year round job.
One of the churches we stopped in had a band playing classical music from the university the acoustical sound was breathtaking. Everyone of our 40 people on the tour commented on how moved they were by the music.
Organ pipes that take up good sections of the walls
Church steeples on churches that are still in use but mother nature is starting to take hold.