Monday, March 28, 2011


Carnaval in Mazatlan has been an annual party for about 200 years, It's loud, bright, colourful and sometimes a little gaudy. But most of all everyone you talk to has fun. We saw numerous people dressed up on the street for Carnaval some in full costumes with faces covered others with just a face mask People waiting for the parade to start

A group of us purchased tickets for lunch and grandstand seating. Just in front of our seats was an area that some of the higher officials would be so we were well protected as the police stood right in front and below where we were going to be sitting.

The theme this year was the return of Greek mythology

Most floats were followed by groups of dancers

After having seen the parade from the street and now up high Lynn and I both think being down on the street was better.

The parade started at 6:30 and ended around 10:30 the whole parade had past by us by 8:30.

The street below looked very similar to the street on Sat. when we went and watched the fire-works. We did not get home from fireworks till close to 1:30 am.

Once agian we had a great time at Carnaval