Sunday, March 27, 2011

Basillica Guadalupe

They say the virgin of Guadalupe is the christianized version of the Aztec goddess Tonantzin and that the basilica is built over a pyramid dedicated to her. Another church area up on the hillside This is where the Vision of Guadalupe was first seen by Juan Diego. We did not have time to walk up and see it. This church is used for baptisms and 1st communions In 2002 Pope John Paul II visited the area.

The inside of the new church
The new church we have been told that it contains BC Timber
Old and new side by side
Someone who made the last of the journey on his knees
The orginal church has moved about 6ft it has a nice tilt on it.
Thousands of pilgrims daily parade up to the church. Some travel the last meters to the shrine on their knees.
The drive to the church was marked with numerous floats, and people making their way to the church.

We were told that it is a constant parade of people and floats down this road daily and that people put their lives on hold while they make the pilgrimage.

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