Friday, April 27, 2012

(1) Late Feb Road trip to Guanajuato , San Miguel de Allende

For the last four winter seasons we have made some type of a land trip this year we decided to take a bus trip to the centre of Mexico. Instead of just us two we were in the company of our boat friends Tom and Pam from Kewao, and Ted and Maureen from Tarry- A-Bit. The area we travelled to is where the independence of Mexico was born.  So first we need to get there. After some research we decided on Primera Plus.Prior to boarding, they hand out lunch or snack bags depending on the lenght of your trip. Separate bathrooms for men and women, foot rests, reclining seats and yes we even had movies, even thought they were in Spanish.

Our trip was to the area in that is the geographic centre of the country 

Black Strap Ski Hill
The landscape  from La Cruz to Guadalajara where we changed bus to head to  Guanajuato reminded all 6 of us of areas in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

Washed out field in Manitoba

Rolling hills in Alberta
Who`s going to russell up these cows
Getting ready for the rodeo

Bad Lands ?  No, really volcanic rock

Getting ready for a rodeo
Old time farming when crops were hand picked
Bus terminal, which one is ours?

This farmer is land rich while his neighbour is machinery rich. We have been told that both farmers work together.

Really looks like the Badlands around Drumheller