Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Debbie had read all the guide books and everyone said that you must see Yelpa! Tom and Pam had been there 4 years earlier and said it was a quaint little place and very picturesque. After much thinking and weather watching we decide that Ted and Maureens' Boat Tarry-Bit would be the best boat to take all 7 of us over in. When we awoke that morning we both wanted to stay home as we were not feeling to great. The weather was a little dicey but off we went

This is the area that they say you can anchor in and then crawl up the dock, Ted tied up to a fisherman's buoy and then he took us to shore in his panga. He also arranged a guide for us which we really did not need.

 On our walk up to and back from  the water fall we were able to see different angles of the beach front. We did agree that if the sun had been shining it would have made for some great photos

Our guide told us that these are called angle of death trumpets, not sure if this is true or not.

In our travels we have found that if the Mexicans have a tourist spot they tend to make it hard to take a picture of the complete site with out capturing some modern building or someone selling items. The waterfall area was no different, to get a picture of the whole waterfall, we would have had picnic tables and banners for coke in them.

This little boy and his dog just could not get enough of the water nor, did they use the steps and side-walk?  No, the rocks were more fun to jump on.

Housing and hotels ranged from well maintained to a little run downed. Now speaking of run down We had 7 people on this boat going over these 5  were a little under the weather on the way backall 7  were feeling bad. We felt it was a combination of the food we had for lunch and the seas that had not calmed down.