Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Early Feb to Feb 14

We made three or four trips into Puerto Vallarta the trip takes about ninety minutes and twice the bus driver pulled in to get diesel which he paid for with coins we think it cost about 800 pesos that is a lot of coin.  Last year we saw a car with birthday wishes on it this year it was Happy Valentines and congratulations..

The beach off the malacon had sand sculptures on one sandy area and a mother and daughter on the other sandy spot that stacked up the rocks to look like Inukshuk,which the tide knocks down each time it comes in. Both groups had buckets placed  where us nice tourists could leave money.

We chuckled when we saw this young boy outside his class room. All the schools in Mexico are closed in and have bars on the windows, here it looks like the class rooms are built like zoo cages  who let the children out.

We found that there were not many tourist in Mexico this year ,even  Puerto Vallarta was down the shop keepers spent so much time waiting for us gringos that they lost mucho kilos. 

We both wondered how much product you would have to sell to keep a store like this open.  We do not think they are making their quota this year.

Pam and her daughter Marilyn wanted to go cloth shopping so Debbie took them to a few shops she had pasted in her travels. Elmo was visiting this store and gladly stepped in for a photo with them

Once again the Mexicans make us a laugh at their signs