Friday, April 27, 2012


The big white building is one of the many university's. We were up on the view point where you could really see how the city was built in a valley and how the water could cause flooding problems

 With the city built so tightly most street are very narrow, on a few streets they are so narrow that neighbours can hand things back and forth from balconies.  These narrow street only allow walking traffic so how do you move goods around.

Walking is a favorite of locals, most climb up down numerous stairs cases and from what our tour guide told us they are seldom empty handed and they tend to sit down and rest occasionally.

Donkeys moving freight.

The pink building on the left is one of the few mining sites that is still producing silver

Every type of traffic.

A beer keg parade. Debbie needed to hold Lynn back.

Whats wrong with this picture?

Lynn is walking the wrong way.