Friday, April 27, 2012

We hired a tour guide and headed to Dolores Hidalgo. This where the planning all began for the Independence movement ,for it was here that Father Hidalgo gave his historical call for  Freedom or as the Mexicans say Grito. Along the way we stopped at a wood furniture shop and then on to one of the world famous Talavera pottery shops.

Our guide pulled up to the parking lot we all piled out and headed into the back of the building where the factory was located. No one stopped us are asked us any questions as we wondered around the factory.

Here the items have just come out of the forms and then they are sanded down one by one

Once there are no rough edges they are sent over to where they are dunked into a glaze that will accept the paint for the designs.

Here there were over 50 people hand painting the designs not s stencil in site.

 There were 2 large semi- trailers parked out in the lot waiting to be loaded with pottery to head north

We noticed that there were a lot of frogs, that were being shipped out ,we found out that frogs are considered lucky.  Next we headed to the tile factory where there was not a sole around, so we were not sure where they were making the tiles.

We then toured the Famous Atotonilco Sanctuary  it`s a beautiful 18th century Church known as the Mexican Sistine Chapel. This church is still used by the monks who will come out here for months on end , praying and what ever else is expect of them.

Just down the street was a row of little shops selling anything religious that you might like to have or leave behind as you prayed to god for what ever you might need help with.

The ceiling was covered with painting and phases, in another section there were statues of the killing of Christ and painting that dated back to the early 18th century. This area was very dark and a no flash area so no pictures were taken.

We do not think that we have been in a church yet ,that did not have at least one stained glass window some are very old while others are new. Yet they all catch your eye when you are scanning the Churches. Now it might be because they are so colorful while usually the rest of the church will be very ornate with carving either in straight wood or painted gold.