Saturday, April 28, 2012


Thursday night we headed out for supper with plans to follow the musicians as they played and danced through the streets. then Friday we were going to visit a few more places and then head out to the next town on Saturday.  Well they say sailors plans are written in sand at low tide. For you land lubbers it means plans can change.  We had a great meal but missed following the musicians.

Lynn and Tom heading up before the night excitement, Only 3 more flights to go

So we headed back to our hotel
around 9:00pm. Lynn and I watched a movie till about 11:30pm and then put in our ear plugs as the Karaoke bar across the street from our room party till 5:00am. Well around 12:30am we hear a lot of banging going on outside the hotel room.  We finally get out of bed to find Ted pounding on our door.  It seems a propane line ruptured and was burning down the line. We quickly gathered up our belongings and headed down the 4 flights of stairs in our bare feet.  Now we should mention that this building was the original mint so its about 400 years old walls are made of stone. The roof had some type of cloth over the courtyard areas and some stairs and fixtures were made of wood. So we were not in that much danger. At least that what we told our selves.  The stair cases did not wind in a normal fashion so you had to cross over from side to side in the building.

We think it took them about 20 to arrive. It is probably a volunteer fire department. 

Ted and Lynn speaking with one of the top hotel men, He was explaining what had happened and what the plans for us would be.

Aren't we a happy bunch at 3:00am. Lessons learned from this experience.  1. Do not have stuff all over your hotel room. 2. Make sure you know how to get out .  3. Do not assume that old buildings have smoke detectors, emergency lights etc. 4. When asked to leave and no one knows where you will spend the rest of night, it is probably just as easy to  find a place on your own.

Needless to say we moved to another hotel around 4:30

Our only injury was a large bruise on her arm.

We were all up for breakfast at 9:30 and buying bus tickets to move on to the next town at noon.