Friday, April 27, 2012


We arrived just after dark in Guanajuato, because we were a group of three we had to split up as they do not have vans for taxis, our hotel was just down the street from this theater.  We first thought the area did not look safe because of all the young people around. It's amazing how areas always look better in the daylight

Every night the steps of the theatre were covered by young people, there are over 30,000 students here in Guanajuato.  
These two do not play in a band they are in a theatre show

In the evening we had young adults and during the day young children

This was the church that the Pope was to be holding a mass in late March. Ted and Maureen received a blessing for Ash Wednesday here. They were both amused by the stamp and ink that was used instead of a finger and ash

Architectural students
Drawing the church above, they were out drawing  at 8:30am