Saturday, April 28, 2012

The bus trip from Guanajuato to San Miguel was about 2hours. Debbie had booked us in to a hotel that fronted onto the Plaza Principal. Here we were able to walk to most museums, numerous shops and just enjoy the people that were in the Plaza.   Lynn and I think this pink Church of St Micheal Arcangel is more ornate on the exterior when compared to other churches in Mexico.

The bells seem to ring non  stop as it was lent and services were being held ever other hour and if these bells were not ringing  then others were.

 The Statues inside the church and other churches  were very life like.

No matter where we have been in Mexico there is always someone touching and praying in front of a Saint.

The town of San Miguel is home to numerous expats that are very artistic. We found numerous stores selling the artists paintings, statues, hand woven clothing, home furnishing, ladies clothing, jewelery antique stores as well as the normal  Mexican tourist stuff.

Now we are not sure what men do for clothing as we never found any men's stores.  We also found that because of the high number of non-Mexicans living here that prices in all the stores are very high.

The square had the normal colorful Mexican items for sale.

We toured a couple of museums including one about Old Toys of Mexico

 Most were made out of wood or paper-mache, but quite a few had movable parts and they never seemed to mix  boys and girls on the toys.

As we sat around watching the people in the square we could have enjoyed the famous San Miguel Ice Cream which is sold on many corners of the city, but the weather was not really ice cream eating weather. We will tell you that,they have flavors you would never have thought of.