Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well the long awaited pictures are coming. In Nov. we took a 12 hour bus ride from Mazatlan to the San Carlos area to hop on the Murray Grey. As you can see Lynn made himself at home behind the wheel of thier Beneteau.

The landscape and the fishing boats looked very similar to our own back yard up in B.C.

We did a overnighter with the agreement that both couples would do 4 hours on only problem being that Jim and myself were sick so Lynn and Bonnie did the overnighter. Arriving into Topolobampo. Once again we were shown a new way the Mexicians fish

We left Topolobampo early in the am to head into Los Mochis

Where we headed to one of the three Bus stations to travel up to El Fuerte where we would catch the Train to the Copper Canyon

Yes Lynn is the 1st one on the Bus with his Lonely Planet book in hand. We were the only ones on the bus for about 30 minutes. We picked up numerous people and some got off in the middle of nowhere the ride to El Fuerte was about 6 hours