Saturday, January 8, 2011

Batopilas to La Bufa

We stopped in the town of La Bufa which is about one and half hours from Batopilas, Bonnie had some material for dresses that we left here and I gave the kids some whistles, crayons and some other material. Their parents were out working in the field. La Bufa has a very large mine tailing area, that they refuse to sell or let anyone work. Noel say if they would sell they could make a lot of money

This young fellow was walking towards town to sell a bag of apples

We stopped and asked these ladies if they needed a ride but they refused

This gentleman was not impressed that I took his picture. as we mentioned earlier the Tarahumara natives do not like to have their picture taken as they still feel it capatures their souls

It looks like it is going to be a nice day

The sun shines on the soil which just glows cooper it is very stunning
Before we left Noel thought he should wash the car and fill up the rad. before we head up