Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Mining company

The Town of Batopilas was supported for many years by the Mining Family of Alex Shepard. In its day the mine across the river was massive. They had their own money and owned most of the stores and brought in teachers and doctors

From across the river you can see numerous building that are slowly crumplying down.

To reach this side of the river you can either drive or use the short cut bridge.

Once over there you are to ring the bell, which we had to have Noel put the wires together so it would ring. A Family has moved into the ruins and charges you to walk around they have some high hopes for improvements

As you can see a hotel is in the works

The buildings are slowly letting nature take her toll, but you can tell that in their hay day they were very grand.Notice the wood sticking out from one of the floors above

Imagine having to make, dig, haul and stack all the bricks and rocks that were used in these buildings